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Does Your Company Need More Customers Who Desperately Need Their Appliances Repaired?

We Deliver Highly Qualified Phone Calls & Our Leads Are Never Shared

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We give appliance repair companies
exactly what they need … more customers!

Stop Wasting
Your Advertising Dollars!

We Only Charge For Qualified Phone Calls!

What’s A Qualified Call?

It’s simple. You’re only charged for calls from people who need their appliance repaired, show intent to buy or ask about pricing or missed customer calls. (we still provide you their phone number)

What’s Not A Qualified Call?

  • Sales Calls
  • Job Seekers
  • Wrong Numbers
  • Duplicate Calls
  • Calls On Brands or Appliances You Don’t Service
  • Calls Outside Your Service Area

How Are Your Leads Different Than XYZ Company?

The Difference Makes A Real Difference!


Unlike Other Companies
We Never Share Your Leads With Anyone Else

They Make Money Whether You Do Or Not

Tired Of Playing Speed Dial Against Your Competitors?

There’s nothing more frustrating than to call back a prospect only to hear them say…. Why are you calling me? I’ve already got someone coming out. But Wait! You just got the notification! To make matters worse. You were still charged for that lead

Sound Familiar? The number one complaint we hear from appliance repair companies is they are forced to pay for every lead including unqualified one’s. The second biggest complaint is that even when the lead hasn’t set up a service call yet, the competition is still calling them. That triggers a race to the bottom pricing mentality just to get the appointment.

No one really wins in this scenario except the lead provider. They get paid multiple times for each shared lead whether you get the job or not. Can an appliance repair company provide high quality repair work and pay the bills by practically giving their services away? No. Not in the long term anyway. It only makes sense that companies have to make money somewhere along the way from those low quality leads to stay in business.

The prospect may initially benefit from a low ball offer on the front end. However getting bombarded with calls then being upsold on the back end is a bad review waiting to happen. Don’t fall into that trap. Bad reviews cost you money!

There’s A Better Way – Our Leads Call You

Best Of All You Only Pay For Qualified Calls

Customer Portal – With Built in Dispute Process

  • Use our customer portal to log-in, review call recordings and if needed dispute the quality of a call.
  • Simple to use but powerful interface allows you manage you account in one place.
  • Have employees that answer your calls? Add and remove staff as needed. Choose access level with Permission based roles.
  • Audit call recordings for training purposes

No Long Term Contaacts Or Commitments

We start small with a package of 10 calls.This gives us both a chance to see if we’re a good fit and our business objectives are aligned.

Competitively Priced Calls So Both Parties Make a Profit

Want to scale your business to the next level? We have bulk pricing available for high volume accounts

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You’re Just A Few Clicks Away From Getting Calls Just Like These

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Live Calls


Listen To
Live Calls


Listen To
Live Calls


We Under Promise & Over Deliver!

When You Grow We Grow:

  • We deliver exclusive live phone calls from prospects in your service area
  • Track all phone call data: caller ID, time, and recording. 
  • NEVER charge for: wrong numbers, repeat callers, sales calls, or out of service area calls. 
  • Provide a hassle free billing dispute process.
  • No Contracts Required

What We Ask Of You

  • Answer your phone during the agreed upon business hours
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Have experience at turning prospects into appliance repair appointments

Each one of these live phone calls cost us money to generate as well as your company to purchase them.  

When calls are unanswered or mishandled, that drives up the cost of the calls for both of us. It could also produce negative company reviews. In the end we both profit by simply delivering on exactly what our customers need and deserve.

What’s The Next Step To Get Started?

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